About us

A brief history…

BJV Engineering as a business has been in existence since the early 1970’s, founded by Brian J. Vallack.  Brian was a skilled engineer and began by finding niches in the market; his first success was to repair boat propellers and making customised fuel tanks for high performance boats; he even made racing endurance water-skis for the top racers at the time.  When the recession hit in the late 1970’s, Brian was forced to look for another niche and he found it in powder-coating.  He was one of the first people to bring powder-coating into the mainstream market and found that alloy wheels on cars were becoming more popular (think Ford XR3i, mark 1 Golfs etc.).  As one of the first businesses in the industry, we have had to develop many of the now industry standard processes in-house. To this day many of the paints used are those we have either developed or produced in-house.

Following Brian’s retirement in 2008, we are still a small family run business (now run by his daughter Lindsey and husband Jack) with the experience and commitment of our larger competitors. Most of our staff have worked within the company for 8+ years and all have a keen interest in different aspects of the motor industry from off roading and performance cars to vehicle modification and customisation. By staying small it means when you visit our premises you will talk to the people with the hands-on experience that will be refurbishing your wheels.

Our experience within the industry, keen pricing, ability to complete all work within house, and our expert staff mean we have many customers both trade and retail that have and continue to use us for over 20 years. Come and see what we can do for you.