Diamond Cutting

Things you need to know about diamond cutting: –

  1. What is diamond cutting? This is a process where after the wheel has been painted it is then put on a lathe and part or all of the surface of the wheel machined to leave a shiny alloy finish. It is then lacquered over to prevent corrosion.
  2. How do I know if my wheels have been diamond cut? If you have a shiny metal section on the wheel with faint machine lines visible when inspected closely, then chances are they are diamond turned. Look at our examples page for a comparison.
  3. How long will it last? Diamond cut wheels will not retain their finish as well as a painted wheel, any damage to the lacquer will allow water to seep into the wheels and damage the diamond cut surface leaving milky patches on the wheel. For this reason we do not recommend this finish for regular use cars. You do not have to kerb your wheels for this damage to occur, it could just be the result of a stone chip.
  4. How shiny will the finish be? This all depends on the quality and age of the alloy wheel. On older wheels you may find that there are some air bubbles in the alloy or light corrosion even after they have been machined. The better the quality of the wheel the better the finish. For this reason we cannot guarantee how your wheels will turn out, however, we have diamond cut thousands of wheels and well over 500 styles of wheel, so we are well qualified to get the best finish possible.
  5. My wheels have been diamond cut before, can it be done again? The answer is maybe, every time the wheel is machined metal is removed, if we believe that machining the wheel again will leave the wheel weakened we will not undertake the task.
  6. Can all wheels be diamond cut? No, not all wheels can it all depends on the profile of the face of the wheel. Let us know what wheel you have or email a picture and we will confirm.
  7. How long will it take? This process is dependent on current workloads in the workshop, it takes approximately 7 working days possibly longer if you have an unusual wheel that we have not done before. This is because of the time needed to set up the lathe and for this reason single wheels can incur a much higher price when compared to a full set of four.
  8. Will my diamond cut wheels come with a warranty? Only on the painted/powder-coated section of the wheel – please see our terms and conditions.